One legged Ballet!

You will never say anything is impossible after seeing this video!

Report - What is DNS?

This is the first of a long series of formal tutorials / reports on many different IT related topics.

This weeks tutorial is on DNS, how it works, and why
it is an important concept in internet communications. Enjoy:

DNS is an essential part of the operation of the internet, as it provides a mapping between the mnemonic name of a domain on the internet and its corresponding, machine-readable numeric IP address. The domain name space consists of domain names organised into a tree-like structure. Within this tree are top level domains (TLD’s), eg .com and there are second level domains (SLD’s), which include the TLD’s in their name eg Below that, any number of sub-domains can be created. For example, the domain is read from right to left, with each point representing a separate domain. Fig 1 shows a sample of the DNS name space. Note that there are Generic TLD’s, and country-level TLD’s. The domain is highlighted.

This tree structure divides into areas called zones. Each zone has a number of nodes, which have an associated Resource Record (RR), which describes the IP address, name server etc. The nodes within this zone are administered by an authoritative DNS name server. This server is responsible for maintaining all of the RR’s within its zone. The DNS name server will maintain the list of RR’s in a DNS distributed database. Each organisation is responsible for managing its own set of domain names.

When a domain name is entered, a Resolver (a program designed to interrogate the database for RR’s) queries the name server by sending a DNS request, to which the name server responds with the relevant IP address. If the name server does not have a record of the address, it will query other name servers, even the root name server. When it receives a response, it will send it to the originating computer, and may check the RR time to live field, and store it in the cache for that period of time. Address resolution works as follows: The local DNS server has a list of addresses of all the Root servers on the internet. The address (eg is read from right to left, and the local DNS server queries each corresponding DNS server for each domain in the address to find the address of the next DNS server. This continues until the final address is returned by the last DNS server.

An example of the setup of DNS tree structures and the function of DNS servers is shown for Charles Sturt University’s (CSU) domain.

Charles Sturt University's (CSU’s) DNS name is This domain is a sub domain located below the top and second level domains. There are three DNS servers, each residing in geographically separate locations: at the Bathurst Campus, at the Wagga Campus, and at the Albury Campus. Each of these DNS servers would serve and administer their own zones within the CSU domain. These DNS servers have many responsibilities. They answer all requests of other name servers that query the address of any name within the CSU DNS name space. Each server holds the DNS database of RR’s for each of the nodes within its authoritative zone. A resolver within the server interrogates the database every time a DNS request is presented to the server.

he CSU DNS servers also respond to internal DNS requests and return the correct IP address of a domain. For example, a lecturer within the CSU network enters into their internet browser. The resolver within the DNS server queries the database, and if the RR for that domain exists, returns the address. If not, the DNS server will query other name servers, until the address is found, and then returns it. Each server will maintain the sub-domain that it authorises. Eg the csunw DNS server would most likely administer the DNS name, among others. A small sample of the domain structure is shown as an extension of Fig 1 below (Fig 2). Note that there are an endless number of sub-domains that could be included, and each of the 3 DNS servers would administer a zone within this sub domain:

Weekly Link-fest

Another week, another batch of good links. Enjoy...

Useful links

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- Tutorials for any topic, photoshop, software etc
- 35 things to avoid at an interview
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- Brain wave controlled gaming
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- Blue lounge space station - fix your cable mess for good
- Find your Windows XP CD key in 10 seconds
- Tabs generator

Time Wasters

- Worlds strangest clocks
- Cool Cloth physics page
- Endless / Senseless collaborative book
- Trees eat anything
- Funny pranks you can play on your workmates computer
- Introducing the Eyeclops!

20 Things that culturally define Australia - A must read

Courtesy of, comes a great article for anyone with preconceptions about what constitutes an Australian.

So for all you uneducated people who have no idea about how similar Aussie lifestyle is to yours, give yourself a punch in the head, then read this list:

Exploding Computer error!

Heres a wierd one for all you techies out there to answer. Have a look at the following image, taken from one of our Servers at work:

Anyone who can tell me how that message would end up on the desktop gets a shiny Cracker. (And no it is not a photoshopped image).

What Ive learnt about successful blogging in the past 3 weeks...

Although I wouldnt call my blog successful in any way, I have noticed an undeniable trend in regards to professional bloggers:

The number one key to being successful in blogging:

Blog about how to be successful in blogging.

Its as simple as that. Sure, the top blogs are Tech blogs, but that just means you cant get in, unless you are very lucky. Money making blogs are the most popular, as are SEO optimisation blogs and the like.

For example, is widely regarded as one of the best blogs around (and an Aussie to boot!), as is Copyblogger and John Chow. John's blog title is also very fitting "I make money online by telling people how much money I make online". (As a side note: have a look at this article, which details well the battle with John Chow and Google) Heck even spinoff blogs have made it big telling people how to make money online. You know your onto a winner when even a spinoff site can make big moeny. Check out John Cow for an example.

Each of these sites are great, and are a testament to just how many people there are out there wanting to have a piece of the pie.
However, these people know (as do most people) that 99% of bloggers will not make decent money blogging. I am probably in that group. Im not saying they are exploiting people, rather they are capitalising on people's dreams: making money, fast, while working (part time) from home.
Blogging is a paradox. The most money to be made is by telling other people how to make money. Its like a never ending spiral of money making and teaching. Also notice that a number of posts in these money making blogs are strangely similar, with just a small twist to the theme of the posts.

Everyone has seen the boom in blogging, and wants a piece of it. There is money to be made in telling people how to do it, and not a great deal of easy money in actually doing it...Makes you wonder if what we are doing is worth it...

A parting thought: What if everyone decided to blog about becoming a successful blogger, and no one actually blogged about decent information??

mmmmmmm - Yummy cracker....Wait....What?

Background info:

Our company is owned by a Japanese company, and hence we have many Japanese visitors to our site. While on site, one Japanese man brought us some Japanese Crackers, all the way from Japan (funnily enough).

No worries, I thought, after lunch snack. That is, until I turned it over:

What the freak is that? A stay fresh packet? Jeebus, I hate to think how old that cracker is. Looks like it could be as old as me... Probably not a health risk, just turned me way off it.

Im not the only one, I see that every desk still has the cracker sitting on it. Im sure as hell not going to be the first to try it.

Its still sitting on my desk, ill eat it if I get 15 comments daring me to do so...

Troubleshooting Network Issues - Part 1

In my line of work there are hundreds of problems yearly with network connectivity losses. As such, I have developed an informal list of tools and tricks to diagnose and fix network problems. Until now, this list has been stored safely in my head, but I would like to share with you the steps I go through to diagnose network connectivity issues. I try to make the steps systematic, by testing for the most common problems first, and then moving on to more specific issues.
Although this list is both for home and business networks, note that some of the items in this list cant be done for a home network.

This is a multi part series of tips, with this first one being an overview and showing you how to make sure you really do have a problem, and maybe (if your lucky) know where that problem lie. Subsequent parts will go into much more detail on the nitty gritty of network management and troubleshooting.

Before we start, from experience I can tell you that most network connectivity issues wont be caused by faulty cables (but some will). This is a common misconception. Unless a cable has been moved or put under some sort of strain, it wont become faulty all by itself.

Another quick message before I begin. When searching for network problems, it helps to understand exactly what happened to make the network connection fail, because you can bet your bottom dollar a similar issue will occur again, either on the same station or a different one.

A sure-fire way to understand network issues is to only change one thing at a time. I repeat, Change one thing, then test. I cant make this clear enough. Network diagnostics is naturally a trial and error process, and therefore experience and understanding is necessary to diagnose a problem faster.

1. Try to ping another computer. Preferably a server on your network, or a computer that you know is on and connected to the network. This proves or disproves there is a problem with the network connectivity. Use the following procedure to ping a computer.

Open the start menu, and select Run.

type cmd into the text box.

This will open the Command window. Type ping [servername] and hit enter.

An example of a ping command on my network: ping home1, where home1 is the name of the server I am trying to reach.

A successful ping should return something similar to the following:

pinging home1 [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms ttl="">
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms ttl="">
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms ttl="">

Ping statistics for Sent = 4, Recieved = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss);
Approximate round trip time in Milli-seconds:
Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms

An unsuccessful ping will tell you there is a connection problem somewhere on the network, be it hardware or software related. A failed ping will be as follows:
pinging home1 [] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Recieved = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss);

The above step will prove or disprove that there is a problem on the network. If there is, then continue:

Another equally simple way of seeing if a problem exists is to check the network connectivity icon. Doing this is simple:

- Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network connections.

Here you will see the network connections currently enabled on your computer:

- Locate your current network connection, and see if it is connected. If there is a "network cable unplugged" error, then you have a problem somewhere with the cable.

2. Check the cables. Ok, so this step is contradictory to my previous statements, but I will explain. Physically looking at the cables is one of the fastest diagnostics you can do. You would not believe how many times someone has unplugged their network cable for no reason, then wondered why they couldnt get their email. All you need to do in this step is see if the cable isnt plugged in, or if it has any obvious damage. A subsequent step will go into more detail of testing the cable.

Ok, im going to leave it at that for now. I hope this has helped you to determine if you have a real problem or not.

Be sure to stay tuned, because there are several parts to this guide, coming to you, weekly. Next weeks will go into the next level of detail for network troubleshooting...

Guide to email etiquette

In light of the continuous trend towards Instant Messaging, I thought I would post a guide to writing emails, and the differences between email and IM.

The following tips should be taken into account for anyone who uses email on a formal basis; be it for work, or communicating with family etc.

Top tip: Dont use IM terminology in emails - ever:

There is a big difference between IM and email, but it seems to be shrinking for some reason. I cant count how many times I see "Hey wat up? Hows life wit U? Saw Jim the other day, and I was like WTF?!?" Thats IM talk, not email talk.

Email is now the prime medium for business communication. Nothing will beat a phone conversation for communicating effectively, but there are many more emails floating around than phone conversations.

However, this doesnt mean to structure your emails like a presentation, as they are in essence a communication and conversational tool. The key is knowing when to be formal, and when to be informal (but not too sloppy).

So the top tip today is to always type in correct language in email. It cant take that much more of your time or effort to do so, and those that dont know what WTF, GTG, ROFL, and LOL mean will thanks you for it.


In the computer world, using capitals in writing is considered shouting. Not only is it hard to read, it is also considered rude. The recipient gets the impression while reading that you are shouting at him or her for some reason.

Make your intent clear

One major problems with email is the lack of cues a person can use to determine the sender's intent. For example, in a phone conversation, the recipient can tell if a person is playing a joke by saying "you should tell the boss I said he is an ass" by the way they talk light heartedly and laugh, but in an email conversation, this may be interpreted as a seriou request or threat.

It is therefore imperative that you make your meaning and intent absolutely clear. If a message can be misunderstood, chances are it will, landing you in hot water.

Know when to use Formal signatures

This tip is not necessarily gospel, but in my personal opinion it is commonsense and courtesy to be wary of when to use formal signatures in email.

Formal signatures whould only be used in emails sent to external sources. Signatures are a handy way of conveying contact and qualification details. However, chances are one of your work collegues already knows everything about you, and doesnt give a rats about your qualifications.

So the best thing to do for internal emails is to leave the formal signatures out. Having a simple end to internal emails also gives the impression that it is a more personal message.

In regards to replying to emails, you should also never use formal signatures. This is common knowledge. If you sent the first message, your details will already be in the email, if you were sent the email first, they already have your details, dont spam them again.

Use the subject field

I dont know why this is so hard for some people. The subject field is one of the most important pieces of information. Without it, a person does not know what the email contains. They can open it to see what it is about of course, but who wants more spammers knowing their email is active??

It also helps when categorising and sorting email. Those without a subject field can be hard to sort, or can take valuable time reading them again.

Use the BCC option

This is simply for the privacy of the recipients. If your email is to be sent to many people, you should use the Blind Carbon Copy field.

The BCC field is simpy a CC field, but is hidden from the view of the recipients. I, for one, dont want my email address to be spammed to however wants to see it, so use this courtesy tool well.

Dont forward junk mail

This is a big one for the email beginners out there; Dont forward your junk mail to us. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea:

- It lets spammers know that yours (and our) emails are active, opening the door for huge amounts of spam.
- It clogs our inboxes. We dont want your crap, keep it to yourself.
- It could contain viruses. A lot of junk emails contain hidden viruses, which are designed to be replicated to any email address it gets forwarded to.
- Above all; No, we dont want ink cartridges for half price, we dont want to know about the bad things that happens to us if we dont reply to that email, we dont want the latest in Viagra research...

Dont babble on

This is an important point for me. Its fine to babble in your blog or on your website; people dont have to read it if they dont want. But dont babble in your emails. People are busy, and dont have time to read pages long emails. If you keep it short and sweet, you can get your message across a lot clearer, and you avoid the risk of someone not reading the email due to it being far too drawn out.

This last tip is both a security measure for you, and a common courtesy for others:

Use an email junk filter and antivirus email scanner

This helps to keep the junk email away, and also the viruses that accompany them. This is both for your benefit (less junk email, less risk of being infected) and for your recipients (less chance of second hand infection, less junk email to be forwarded).

I recommend using Spambayes for your junk email filtering. It uses a learning system for sorting junk email and legitimate email. You teach it what is good, and what is junk. Expect a few false positives, and a few false negatives at the start, but once you teach the program, it is a powerful tool.

For email virus scanning, I use CA Etrust Antivirus. It is not a free antivirus however. I recommend AVG Antivirus for those of the tight-wallet.

Free backlinking for everyone

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Underbelly TV series - Banned in Victoria

For those readers who are not from Australia, heres a quick overview of Underbelly:

Underbelly is a 14 part miniseries airing on free to air television. It is the story of the Melbourne Gangland wars, and the deaths and crimes during these times.

The show stars Vince Colosimo (who I must say plays and excellent role), A prominent Australian actor, playing Alphonse Gangitano, noted for his part in the underworld killings.

The show has a huge list of top Aussie actors, and promises to be compelling viewing.

The show hasnt been without controversy, however. Justice Betty King of the Supreme court banned Underbelly from being aired in Victoria, due to the belief that it could prejudice the trial of a Melbourne gangland figure currently being tried.

This proved unsuccessful, naturally, as within just half an hour of screening, Underbelly was available to download on Pirated websites.

Seriously, though, do these people want the public to turn to pirating to get the shows they want to watch?? I mean, im sure people can determine the difference between a television show and a real life trial! One of the biggest reasons people pirate television shows and movies is because of the fact that certain areas get to watch the shows before other areas. If worldwide releases were concurrent, the pirating issue would be far less critical as it is now...

As of this morning, over 600 people have downloaded the episode from Torrent websites.


Stumble upon this great cartoon, showing just how reliant we are on, and how dominant, email is in our world. Courtesy of WeBlogCartoons.

A real contest - Site hosting for 2 years and support for transferring your blog

Im not huge on the contests running around blogs at the moment, but im going to get on this one. BloggingMix is holding a worthwhile contest, giving away:

- A 2 year hosting service at
- A Block magazine wordpress theme
- Support for transferring your blog to Wordpress
- Support for setting up your blog in Wordpress
- 1 months support after setting up the new blog

The contest is run on the basis of points. The more points you earn, the better your chances of winning. Points are earned as follows:

- Subscribe to Blogging Mix. Subscription must be verified. (5 Points)
- Review and link to the contest. (10 Points)
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- StumbleUpon the contest with a short review. (7 Points)
- Digg the contest. (3 Points)

There are many good reasons to have your own hosted website, so be sure to enter the contest: Contest.

The authour of the blog is currently negotiating with sponsors to recieve more prizes to giveaway, so be sure to enter, it can only get better!

Outlook Tips and Keyboard shortcuts.

Lets face it, most of us spend a LOT of time reading, replying, sorting email. Anything that could possibly save us time while looking through email would be a real help.

Keyboard shortcuts are the tech's best friend, and the most underestimated tool for computer beginners.

Outlook keyboard shortcuts:

F9 - This is the fastest way to force outlook to send / recieve email. Beware, however, this button can become as obsessively used as reloading in first person shooters...

Ctrl + N - Depending on which area of Outlook you are currently in, this shortcut will create a new instance of something. For example, if you are in the mail window, the shortcut will create a new mail message; if you are in the calendar window, the shortcut will create a new calendar entry. Note: To creat a new email message from anywhere in Outlook, use Ctrl + Shift + M.

Ctrl + O - Just like all office applications, this opens the currently selected item.

Ctrl + U - Marks the currently selected item as unread

Ctrl + R - Replies to the current email selected.

Ctrl + F - Forwards the currently selected email.

Ctrl + Y - Opens the navigation box to navigate to another tab.

Ctrl + E - Opens the search box.

Ctrl + J - Opens a new Journal entry and adds the currently selected item to the entry.

F11 - Automatically moves the cursor to the Find Contact text box, allowing you to search for a contact.

F3 - Opens the search window.

Ctrl + Shift + F - Opens the advanced find window.

Alt + F1 - Switch the Navigation pane On or Off.

Apart from the above, which I use almost daily, the below are less commonly used shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+N - Open a new Note.
Ctrl+Shift+C - Create a new Contact.
Ctrl+1 - Switch to the mail view
Ctrl+2 - Switch to the Calendar view.
Ctrl+3 - Switch to the Contacts view.
Ctrl+4 - Switch to the Tasks list.
Ctrl+5 - Switch to the Notes view.
Ctrl+D - Delete the current message (or just use the Delete button)
Ctrl+SPACEBAR - Remove all formatting from the selected text.
Ctrl+Shift+R - Reply to all.
Ctrl+A - Select all items in a folder.
ALT+S - Send a message that is already open.
F7 - Check the spelling of any open item.
Ctrl+Shift+I - Switch to you Inbox.
Ctrl+Shift+O - Switch to your Outbox.
Ctrl+Shift+> or Ctrl+Shift+< - When in an open item, this allows you to move between the next or previous item in the list.
Ctrl+Q - Mark all messages read.

For some great Outlook tips, be sure to check out Outlook Daily tips. There are already over 450 tips, which can be emailed directly to you, 3 times a week.