Cult movies

Currently I am in the process of purchasing and watching all of the movies I have vowed to watch, but just never got around to it. These movies are mostly the cult movies of the 70-80-90's, which I was either too young or not interested enough to watch at the time.

At the moment I have a list which I am slowly breaking down, buying, watching, storing away for the next time I feel nostalgic and want to pull them out again...

Over the next few months I will post small reviews and thoughts on the movies I watch, to hopefully give an idea of why these movies became cult classics in the first place, and to see whether or not they can still be classified as classics to fresh eyes 20 years on.

Just this morning, while waiting to go to work (shift work :) ) I watched Trainspotting, a grim but fun movie about heroin addiction and life.

A rather gritty trip through the bowels of Edinburgh, Trainspotting follows the "life" of a heroin addict, Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor), as he battles with drug addiction, women, family and friends.

McGregor plays a fantastic role, keeping me hooked on the character from start to finish. Through this great acting, we are given a detailed and personal insight into the life of a drug addict.

While the movie is based around drug use, it somehow remains impartial to the ethics and morality of drug use. I didnt get the feeling that the director was trying to condemn or condone the abuse of drugs. It was a very refreshing take on the subject.

I must comment, however, on the rating of the film. This is not for the faint of heart. It isnt over-the-top gory or anything like that, its just a very influential and real film. By all means walk into this movie with an open mind, but not too open...

Best part of the movie: Swimming in the toilet...

Worst part: Spud's bedroom accident

Cult movie?: Im no movie conesseuir, but hell yes. McGregor plays an excellent role, the story isnt always there, but is always real and raw, and the underpinning of humour to the entire film makes it a joy to watch. This is a film I could watch several times, which is the essence of what makes a film a cult film.


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