The List - Watch / Download Full Movies online

Over the past few months I have been compiling a list of lists, containing websites that allow you to watch or download full movies - for free.

In no particular order, I give you the list. I will continue to update it as I find more sources. Enjoy:

Online Video Guide's top 100 movie sites - First up is a website dedicated to ranking the top online movie / TV sites. This list is far from Comprehensive though, but it is a good place to start.

Bedroom Media - Shoddy design (as most of the sites in the list), but a lot of links to full length, streaming movies.

DivXtube - This site has both streaming movies and TV shows.

FilmHill - Over 1000 streaming movies, this site deserves to be on the list.

Free Documentaries - This is a very comrehensive documentary website. If there is a doco you want, its most likey on this site.

A compendium of 150 Monty Python Sketches - OK, so not really what the post is about, but who can pass up all those Monty Python sketches?!?

120 movie / TV sites - Another really good list of sites to download or watch movies online.

Kazoop - Top 10 free movie sites, and also has a top 3 pay to watch sites.

Monty Python Video Wall - Yes, I am a Monty Python fan, and yes, this is an awesome site.

Real TV Links - As the website says, just click to watch. Most movies are streamed, divided into parts for longer movies.

FanCast - Massive list of full length TV series. Great website.

MyTheatre - Over 500 movies and TV shows.

Smashing Telly - A video website with a focus on "Documentaries and Factual Television".

Snarf Movies - More online movie goodness.

Surf the Channel - Huge database of online TV shows. Chances are, if it's on TV, its on here too.

Throw out your TV - A MASSIVE list of free online video sites. Give this one a look also.

TV links - Streaming - A huge list of streaming movies. This website has many of the lesser seen movies available.

VideoStored - Good list of Anime, Cartoons and TV series.

TV LinkSquid - List of movies available online.

Find you Fix - Another great movie streaming site.


Gax Online - A huge list of websites to view and download TV shows.

100 reviewed movie websites - This is a really great list, containing 100 movie download / streaming movie sites, with mini-reviews on each website.

TV Links now - Good looking site to watch full new-release movies online

I must comment on the content of the websites. I do not, in any way condone the illegal downloading of movies from the web. None of the content has been added by myself, or been hosted on this blog.

If anyone has any extra sites they can recommend, please leave them in the comments, and ill update the list accordingly. This is a growing list, so keep checking for regular updates!


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Anonymous said...

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