How to hide a RAR file in a JPEG image!

Just came across this gem of an article, perfect for anyone wanting to hide some 'personal' material ;)

The following are step by step instructions on how to store and hide a RAR file in a JPEG image:

1. Place your RAR file and a JPEG file into the same directory, say, C:\stuff.
2. Open a Command prompt window. (Start > Run > cmd).
3. Navigate to the directory your RAR file is in, in this case, you would type cd c:\stuff
4. Type in the following command: copy /b input.jpg + input.rar ouput.jpg

Input.jpg is the image that you want displayed, input.rar is the file you want hidden, and output.jpg will be the name of the image file produced.
Done! When someone double-clicks the jpg, it will show as a normal image, but if you open it with winrar or a similar program, the RAR file will be displayed!

The below image is one I created. Simply save it to your computer, and open it with your image editing program first, then open it with a RAR program (Winrar etc) to see the magic!


As always, credit goes to the original author of this article.


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