Hello, from yet another blogger lost in the crowd

At first, I thought I was an anomoly. But now im not so sure...

Im an IT support 'dood'. My day is spent in front of or in the bowels of a computer, computing away, for lack of a better word. I have never been 'obsessed' with computers, or games, or the internet; I have just been good at what I do.

Yet I have never found blogging interesting, in even the slightest way. Dont get me wrong, I have the knowledge, and the time to create a blog, its just that I cant find anything to write once I start a blog (yes, this isnt the first attempt, but it is the first serious one).

I mean, in the huge world of blogging, I will be lost within it, I know that, but I can still try. Heck, I probably have missed the 'it' time for blogging, but who gives a shit.

As you can probably tell from the title, this blog is basically about whatever I want it to be, from a range of different things. But you will most likely read ramblings on the following categories:

Anything technology related

Cars (Australian mostly)

Golf (which I am slightly obsessed with)

Photography (just found this interest)

From time to time, I will make various posts, from reviews to personal thoughts, to photos, to funny or interesting links. Please, stick around, ill make it worth your while. (wink wink)

I hope I get some (any) readers that will enjoy this blog as much as I have enjoyed creating it!