Tons of Freeware Games!

There is a common misconception that freeware games are dodgy and boring, but im telling you now, there are some gems around. Below are some websites containing lists and links to freeware and abandoneware games. Enjoy...

Tigsource forums best Freeware list of '07 - This is a great list, containing links to all of the free games, arranged into categories, with awards given to the best of the best. If you only go to one link on this post, go to this one.

1up's 101 Free games of 2008 - This is also another great list, with many categories to satisfy anyone's game fetsih.

Free Games for Windows - An amazing list of top quality free games based on category.

Game giveaway of the day - This is a unique site, offering free games, with a twist. The website offers the game free, however they are only valid for the day they are released. I check this site daily to see if any interesting games pop up.

Top 10 point and click games - Im a big fan of the old point and click adventures, having grown up playing the broken sword and Monkey Island series, so these are a must play for me. A great list.

Play your favourite 1980's video games - Old School Nintendo, Sega and arcade games, not much more to say...

Orisinal Games - These are just online, browser based games, but I had to include them in the list, they are exceptionally well designed puzzle and action games.

These lists should give you more than enough gaming goodness to see out the next week or so :) As I come across more good free gaming sites in my travels, ill be sure to share them.