Link time!

Heres a fresh batch of extremely helpful computer tips and tricks. Just something to pass the time...

Default Password list - A massive list of Default passwords for basically any device you can think of. A definate bookmark.
Clean out a new computer of all the bloatware - A list of things to do to get the most out of a new computer, from deleting unnecessary bloatware to keyboard shortcuts.
How to download anything - A basic guide aimed at beginners in the torrent download world.
Choose the best search method - An excellent list of different types of search engines, and which are the ideal to use for shich situation.
20 free downloads you shouldnt live without - 20 free tools that will make your computer life easier.
Video - Google is better than Limewire for downloading MP3's - A great video showing how to find downloadable MP3s on Google with ease.
List of tutorial sites - A list of sites that teach you how to do stuff. - Securely copy and paste between computers in a couple of easy steps.
Temporary spam box - You can create a temporary email address for sites that require authenicated logins, but you dont want the spam that comes with it.
Photoshop photo edits - Instructions for making your photos come out better with photoshop.
Dropboks - Simple, Secure online file storage.
Filehoo - Download freeware and shareware programs - Huge list!
GuerillaMail - Temporary, Disposable email address.
Make your USB key into a Digital swiss army knife.
IamUnblocked - Unblock websites with this proxy.
LostPassword - Password recovery software.
Online FLV convertor - Use this site to download any embedded / streaming video on almost any website.


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