Well, what a weekend!

Here I am, sitting at work on Monday morning, not feeling at all like I had a weekend. But it was worth it, boy was it worth it!

You see, I had my Girlfriend's 21st birthday party on Saturday night, so it was a hectic weekend to say the least.

It all started on Friday night, we setup the club room exactly how the birthday girl wanted. And we all know how hard that can be! Finished up about 10pm that night, deciding to go home and have a decent nights sleep before the long night to follow.

Saturday morning, we setup the jukebox and finished the decorations, along with all the food, which there was, in bucketloads. Everything was turning out perfectly, everything was running like a well oiled machine. Famous last words...

The bday girl's hairdresser (family friend) decided she was only going to be able to do her hair after 4pm, for some unknown reason. Cue added stress for the already stressed out party girl.
All the while she was stressing, I sat down and watched the cricket :) Just kidding, I did everything I could to de-stress the situation...In between ads...

After the hair was done, it was down to the club room for me, to help with the food preparation. It was all going great, which I must thank the bday girl's parents, aunty and family friends, who all decided to pack into the kitchen, which left more chiefs than workers, but they all had their hearts in the right place.

Shoot back home, have a quick scrub, get dressed, and by that time my girlfriend was ready to go, looking stunning might I add ;) Black dress, long legs, beautiful hair, what more could you ask for.... .... .... *ahem* sorry, off on a tangent there.

Rock up to the party by 7, everyone starts to show up by 8, just the way it goes, fashoinably late, or something like that...

Fast forward to Speech time, and it was cue father-bear. A man of very few words, softly spoken, I think he showed just how much he appreciated his daughter, by overcoming his fear of speaking, and delivering a great speech, followed up by a heart warming story. Her friends had a special speech and funny gifts planned, which they delivered next. Before I knew it, 5 people had already had a speech. I, on the other hand, am really dreadful at public speaking, and would have only had a speech if her best friend didnt. You see, we had a sort-of combined speech, with much the same content, but im glad to say she done the job, and rather well at that.

The party went on thus, with many beers sunk, and lots of dancing. It was a great night, and the birthday girl couldnt have been happier.

In retrospect, I am really disappointed in myself for not having a speech, after all, I have been going out with my girlfriend for a few years now.. Im also a bit disappointed in myself for not mingling more; I stayed more in my group of friends, which I tend to do rather often. But that is the way I am. I have to find something to beat myself up over, it seems to be a family trait, but more about that later.

I finished off the weekend by watching a tragically predictable movie 'Evan Almighty' at home with my family, which, other than the movie, was all good times. I blame myself though, for even thinking about hiring it!

All in all, a great weekend, but one that I wouldnt soon do again!


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