Top 10 - Guys ettiquette to playing golf

There are rules for golf, then there are Guys rules for playing golf. This is that list:

10. If your playing partner wants to make his score for a particular hole better, you must also do the same for that hole.

9. Any score a player says he made on a hole is right, no arguments. He knows what he hit, dammit.

8. If a player hits a slice and loses their ball, they may take a drop from where your ball is, with no penalty. This makes the game go faster, and you can measure dicks by seeing who can hit the longest iron shot.
7. Never give your playing partner advice. If he wants it, he will ask for it.
6. Any tee shot that travels for less than 10 metres may be re-hit once, without penalty.

5. Any putt less than 10cm from the hole is in; Gimmes are fine. It would have went in if the wind wasnt there.

4. Beer is the staple drink, if not a drinker, Gatorade. (Beware of playing with drinkers if you are not one, however). If playing with 2 players, you may only drink a maximum of half the beers.

3. When you are playing aweful, you can always blame it on too much or not enough beer, and adjust your intake accordingly.

2. An air-swing is always a practice swing. Always.

1. Any tee shot that does not pass the ladies tee is a free beer for the playing partner at the 19th hole. This rule is paramount, and never expires.

Stick to these rules and you will always have a good playing partner, and will enjoy a casual round immensly.