Underbelly TV series - Banned in Victoria

For those readers who are not from Australia, heres a quick overview of Underbelly:

Underbelly is a 14 part miniseries airing on free to air television. It is the story of the Melbourne Gangland wars, and the deaths and crimes during these times.

The show stars Vince Colosimo (who I must say plays and excellent role), A prominent Australian actor, playing Alphonse Gangitano, noted for his part in the underworld killings.

The show has a huge list of top Aussie actors, and promises to be compelling viewing.

The show hasnt been without controversy, however. Justice Betty King of the Supreme court banned Underbelly from being aired in Victoria, due to the belief that it could prejudice the trial of a Melbourne gangland figure currently being tried.

This proved unsuccessful, naturally, as within just half an hour of screening, Underbelly was available to download on Pirated websites.

Seriously, though, do these people want the public to turn to pirating to get the shows they want to watch?? I mean, im sure people can determine the difference between a television show and a real life trial! One of the biggest reasons people pirate television shows and movies is because of the fact that certain areas get to watch the shows before other areas. If worldwide releases were concurrent, the pirating issue would be far less critical as it is now...

As of this morning, over 600 people have downloaded the episode from Torrent websites.