Want to be $25 richer this week? Or next, or next...

Heres a great idea that is sure to grab many a blogger's attention.

Mixedmarketarts.com are having a competition, that involves choosing a person each week to recieve $25 dollars. Every week, forever.

You read it right, forever. You will be in the running every week to recieve $25.

The rules are fairly simple, and are as follows:

1. Write a post on your blog about this blog and this contest.
2. Leave a comment below the competition post on the author's blog.
3. Read the blog! The owner recommends subscribing through RSS or getting blog posts by email.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Your blog post should be at least 250 words.
2. Link to the main page of this blog as well as this contest.
3. You may be a weekly winner a maximum of once per month, but there are no limit to how many times you can win.

The blog's content is based around Making money Blogging. It is worth having a look if not for the competition.

Be sure to have a look and enter before the competition gets full of people. The less people there are in the comp, the more chance of you winning!