What Ive learnt about successful blogging in the past 3 weeks...

Although I wouldnt call my blog successful in any way, I have noticed an undeniable trend in regards to professional bloggers:

The number one key to being successful in blogging:

Blog about how to be successful in blogging.

Its as simple as that. Sure, the top blogs are Tech blogs, but that just means you cant get in, unless you are very lucky. Money making blogs are the most popular, as are SEO optimisation blogs and the like.

For example, problogger.net is widely regarded as one of the best blogs around (and an Aussie to boot!), as is Copyblogger and John Chow. John's blog title is also very fitting "I make money online by telling people how much money I make online". (As a side note: have a look at this article, which details well the battle with John Chow and Google) Heck even spinoff blogs have made it big telling people how to make money online. You know your onto a winner when even a spinoff site can make big moeny. Check out John Cow for an example.

Each of these sites are great, and are a testament to just how many people there are out there wanting to have a piece of the pie.
However, these people know (as do most people) that 99% of bloggers will not make decent money blogging. I am probably in that group. Im not saying they are exploiting people, rather they are capitalising on people's dreams: making money, fast, while working (part time) from home.
Blogging is a paradox. The most money to be made is by telling other people how to make money. Its like a never ending spiral of money making and teaching. Also notice that a number of posts in these money making blogs are strangely similar, with just a small twist to the theme of the posts.

Everyone has seen the boom in blogging, and wants a piece of it. There is money to be made in telling people how to do it, and not a great deal of easy money in actually doing it...Makes you wonder if what we are doing is worth it...

A parting thought: What if everyone decided to blog about becoming a successful blogger, and no one actually blogged about decent information??


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