Outlook Tips and Keyboard shortcuts.

Lets face it, most of us spend a LOT of time reading, replying, sorting email. Anything that could possibly save us time while looking through email would be a real help.

Keyboard shortcuts are the tech's best friend, and the most underestimated tool for computer beginners.

Outlook keyboard shortcuts:

F9 - This is the fastest way to force outlook to send / recieve email. Beware, however, this button can become as obsessively used as reloading in first person shooters...

Ctrl + N - Depending on which area of Outlook you are currently in, this shortcut will create a new instance of something. For example, if you are in the mail window, the shortcut will create a new mail message; if you are in the calendar window, the shortcut will create a new calendar entry. Note: To creat a new email message from anywhere in Outlook, use Ctrl + Shift + M.

Ctrl + O - Just like all office applications, this opens the currently selected item.

Ctrl + U - Marks the currently selected item as unread

Ctrl + R - Replies to the current email selected.

Ctrl + F - Forwards the currently selected email.

Ctrl + Y - Opens the navigation box to navigate to another tab.

Ctrl + E - Opens the search box.

Ctrl + J - Opens a new Journal entry and adds the currently selected item to the entry.

F11 - Automatically moves the cursor to the Find Contact text box, allowing you to search for a contact.

F3 - Opens the search window.

Ctrl + Shift + F - Opens the advanced find window.

Alt + F1 - Switch the Navigation pane On or Off.

Apart from the above, which I use almost daily, the below are less commonly used shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+N - Open a new Note.
Ctrl+Shift+C - Create a new Contact.
Ctrl+1 - Switch to the mail view
Ctrl+2 - Switch to the Calendar view.
Ctrl+3 - Switch to the Contacts view.
Ctrl+4 - Switch to the Tasks list.
Ctrl+5 - Switch to the Notes view.
Ctrl+D - Delete the current message (or just use the Delete button)
Ctrl+SPACEBAR - Remove all formatting from the selected text.
Ctrl+Shift+R - Reply to all.
Ctrl+A - Select all items in a folder.
ALT+S - Send a message that is already open.
F7 - Check the spelling of any open item.
Ctrl+Shift+I - Switch to you Inbox.
Ctrl+Shift+O - Switch to your Outbox.
Ctrl+Shift+> or Ctrl+Shift+< - When in an open item, this allows you to move between the next or previous item in the list.
Ctrl+Q - Mark all messages read.

For some great Outlook tips, be sure to check out Outlook Daily tips. There are already over 450 tips, which can be emailed directly to you, 3 times a week.


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