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While I am on the Aussie blogging topic (I am an aussie, so promoting it is my duty), I want to direct any readers to the Onblogging Australia Blog, perticularly the Aussie Bloggers on Entrecard post. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Entrecard, here is a great how-to to getting started with Entrecard courtesy of Sephyroth.

As I have made clear in previous posts, I believe that Australia is a very often overlooked country, and technology and the internet are no exception. In a world where everything is focused on the American way of life, alternatives are hard to come by. It is for this reason that the following blog post was written, and the reason for the ever increasing user base on the Aussie Bloggers Forum.

Some of you may think 'hey, blogging is really a 'non-country specific activity', but it is not. Many a blog I have read have tried to remain non-country specific to try to get more traffic and readers through their blogs. However many fall short by focusing on their country specific details, rather than the entire posts. For example, gaming blogs focus on games, which are non-country specific, but as you read the posts, you get such things as American release dates, American review sites etc, which turns some Aussies (and other nationalities for that matter) away from the blog.

I guess im trying to say that Australia-specific blogging has a real future, and seems to have a good user base to start with. Couple this with the lack of Aussie blogging topics, and you have a starting point for a really popular blog / website. Food for thought.

Be sure to have a look at both the Onblogging Aussie bloggers list, as well as the Aussie Blogging forum, irregardless of nationality. It may open your eyes to a world of possible opportunities...


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That post of Sephyroth's is great, I need to link to it from the Aussie Bloggers on Entrecard page too.

Best regards, Andrew

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